Monday, June 05, 2006

More Organizations Support Petitions

Union Solidarity, Contact: Mr Dave Kiren, Coordinator of Union Solidarity Group, P.O. Box 285 Carlton South 3053, Mobile: 0412-484-094, Email:

Socialist Alternative, Contact: Mr Mick Armstrong, Ph: 9348 0766, Email:

Socialist Party, Contact: Mr Antony Alder, Email:

Australian Service Union, Contact: Mr Clancy Moore, Email:

Industrial Workers of the World, Contact: Ms Margaret Ruagh and Mr Peter Riley, Ph: 9354 6883, Mobile: 0403-139-818, P.O. Box 145, Moreland 3058, Email:
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The Attorneys of both ACT and WA affirmed that they had no “desires to intervene” the matter.

(file below is downloardable as .jpg file)

letter from a principle solicitor of ACT 30/05/06

(file below is downloardable as .pdf file)

letter from a solicitor of WA 31/05/06