Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Reflection on the government’s motivation in relation to hiding the facts (2)

The main difference between Julia Gillard MP’s email and the released document 4 is the attitude toward the case law at point 3 of the document 4. In her email, Gillard MP’s advised that I was welcome to make input, implying that my point was reasonable or at least relevant. At point 3 of the released document 4, it stated definitely “to ensure the situation facing Mr He’s wife does not occur again”. That outlined the government’s approach.  

The staff of the department apparently knew the difference. Gillard MP’s office certainly knew she did not support the petition when I sought her support to the petition. To protect Gillard MP’s reputation in relation to her judgment on this matter, they chose to cover up the fact.

In 2013 Gillard MP resigned from politics. Therefore, in 2014 the government has no need to take care of the former Prime Minister’s fame.