Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reflection on the government’s motivation in relation to hiding the facts (4)

The staff in the Departments knew what Kevin Rudd’s and Julia Gillard’s attitudes toward the matter. Both of them did not support the petition. Obviously they did not want to be distracted from their ambitions of leadership, not like the politicians who have had consciences to support our petition.

Comparing the politicians who have supported the petition with both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, the former did not consider what they could get from their supports for the petition; the latter obviously have worried about what they could get from supporting the petition. I really appreciate and respect the politicians who have supported the petition because in the political games they still have primitive conscience. They stand firstly as honorable men and women, secondly as politicians. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard stand firstly as canny politicians.

From that point of view, when Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard under the pressure from other Labor MPs, who have supported the petition, decided to change the Workplace Relation laws to “ensure the situation facing Mr He’s wife does not occur again”, to avoid any negative impacts to their reputations, they chose to diminish our initiative and input in relation to changing the law by denying our initiatives and the importance of our petition.