Saturday, October 01, 2011

Prime Minister’s Department Encourages Me to Complain about its Delay on 31 May 2011

Dear Mr He

I regret the delay in responding to your email. My supervisor, Ms Jill Clark, advised me that you called yesterday seeking an update on your FOI request. Regrettably, no progress has been made since my last email to you. As Ms Clark indicated to you, the decision-maker for the request has been busy working on some legislation and therefore there has not been an opportunity to make progress on your request. Further, there has been a delay in initiating the consultation with the other Australian Government agency because of competing workloads and priorities, but we aim to initiate that as soon as possible.

Ms Clark advised me that you asked for details on how to lodge a complaint. Should you wish to complain, you may do so to the Information Commissioner. More information about making a complaint is available at the web site of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:

I shall contact you again when I have more information.


Angelo Anagnostis

Access and Administrative Review Section
Legal Policy Branch
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet