Friday, August 08, 2008

Email to Clerk of Senate of 11 July, and His Reply of 15 July

Dear Mr Evans

I complain about the conduct of Mr John Carter, the secretary of Senate standing committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Education.

Mr Carter has not denied he provides fraudulent reasons below in his letter of 15 May 2008 in relation to the committee’s decision on a petition.

a. The petition arises from an ‘unlawful termination case’; however, Mr Cater writes: it is an ‘unfair dismissal case’.
b. High Court judges stated: ‘documents filed by the applicant do not demonstrate…’ (bold added); but Mr Carter changes it to ‘documents filed by the applicant fail to demonstrate…’ (bold added)
c. There are only two requests in the petition. The first request of petition is: ‘ensure that employees’ rights under the Constitution are upheld by the laws and courts’. He does not refer to the first request at all; however, his conclusion is: ‘the issues have been fully covered’.

We believe Mr Carter, as a secretary, ought to provide correct services to the committee. I have been advised you are able to deal with the errors in Mr Carter’s letter of 15 May.

The petition, its background and correspondences between Mr Carter and me are attached.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Daming He

15 July 2008

Dear Mr He

I have your email of 11 July 2008.

As John Carter's letter to you made clear, he conveyed the decision of the committee in relation to the matter you raised; he did not make his own determinations on the matter. There is, therefore, no basis for any complaint about him.

Yours sincerely
Harry Evans Clerk of the Senate