Monday, August 21, 2006

The Governments have not Confirmed Their Positions on the Workers’ Rights

Since we sent emails and a letter to the governments of the Commonwealth and States on 25 May, which were posted on this website on 29 May, the governments of the Commonwealth, Victoria, NSW and SA have not replied.

The governments of Victoria and SA did not reply the Notices of Constitutional Matter at all, which were sent to them by emails and posts on 21 April 2006.

On 12 July the office of the Victorian Attorney-General confirmed that the Notices had been received. On 10 August the office confirmed that the Notices had been forwarded to the Victorian Government Solicitors, however, the Solicitors denied that the Notices were forwarded to them. On 17 August the office of the Attorney-General asked us to resend the Notices to them because they could not find the Notices at all. Since then we have emailed the Notices several times to the Attorney-General and copied to a staff of the office. Until today, the office still could not confirm that the resent emails were received because the staffs were away or could not access to the Attorney-General’s emails.

The Federal Treasurer’s office informed us that the matter had been referred to the Attorney-General of the Commonwealth.

(file below is downloadable as .jpg file)

A Letter from the Federal Treasurer dated 04/08/06

The Attorney-General of Qld affirmed that she had no “desires to intervene” the matter.

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A Letter from the Attorney General of Qld dated 11/08/06