Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Minister refused to reply my email of 7 January 2011

On 20 January 2011,Jo who worked in the office of the Minister for Workplace Relations called back and said a staff had gone through my email. As I had raised the matter for a few times and Murray Furlong had responded for a few times, there would be no more response to my email. I asked her to put what she said in writing. She said she couldn’t do that. I said to let other people do that. She said nobody would do that. I said I believe that I am entitled to get a response in writing. It does not matter, one line or two lines. Just say: we had heard enough about it. That is the end of the road. No more response will be given on this matter. That is a waste of time. She said nobody would do that because Murray Furlong had responded to my letter, he was an expert. Nobody could do better than him and he asked you to get independent legal advice. I said I got legal advice that is employees have to follow apparently unlawful directions given by their employers. If they don’t follow their employers’ apparently unlawful direction and are sacked due to that they cannot win their claims of reinstatement under the law of unlawful dismissal. She said the government could not control what kind of independent legal advices are given. I asked: does the government want the employees to follow employers’ apparently unlawful directions given by their employers? She said she did not know that. I said that is the point of my letter because Murray Furlong failed to answer that question. He failed to answer the question about the case law which requests complaining workplace illegalities ‘only to a Court or Tribunal’. She said she did not read my email of eight pages. I said please read it. She said she had no time to read it. I said if she had no time let other people read it. It is relevant to eight millions employees and the general public. It is worthwhile to read it. She said she had no time to speak to me anymore and had to gone. I said I knew she had no authority to say anything to me just like Murray Furlong, he was not authorised to say the case law is wrong or right. He kept playing around and made errors on the facts. I correct them in my email. She said she had to go and hung up the phone.