Monday, December 06, 2010

Letter of 28 August 2010 to the Adviser of the Prime Minister’s Department

Dear Sir,

Ref: FOI/2009/032

I refer to your letter dated 29 July 2010. I contend that the charge should be reduced or not imposed because:

a. the estimated decision-making hours (47.27 hours) is too long,
b. the giving of access will be in the public interest.

I believe that if the decision making time longer than a couple of hours, apparently, it means the decision makers do not family with the FOI policy. In my opinion, I should not pay for the decision makers’ training, learning, incompetence or inefficiency.

In my letter of 30 April 2010, I requested, on the ground of public interest, to review Mr Alex Anderson’s decision on my application fee. You informed me that my application for reviewing Mr Anderson’s decision would be on hold if I wanted to process my FOI inquiry first and that I could swap the priorities if I wanted.

As my grounds for waivers of the application fee and processing charge are substantially identical, I request now firstto process my application for reviewing Mr Anderson’s decision not to waive the application fee.

If you have any queries about this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enclosure: Letter of 29 July 2010 from Mr Angelo Anagnostis, Adviser of the Access and Administrative Review Section, Legal Policy Branch, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet p1, p2, and p3.